How I Use Advanced Hypnotherapy
To Help My Clients Achieve The Changes They Want

Dollarphotoclub 52598374 SmallClients come to me for hypnotherapy to help with the following kinds of problem:


Anxiety about forthcoming events

General Anxiety

Low assertiveness & passivity

Unresolved anger and hurt

Low self confidence

Low self esteem

Obsessive thought and behaviours


Shyness e.g. opening a conversation with someone you would like to know.

Social Anxiety


Weight management 

You may have already tried other forms of help without success. If so I would especially welcome the opportunity to work with you.


I record sessions for clients use after their session

I make a CD recording of the actual Hypnotherapy session so the client can reinforce their hypnotherapy as often as they like back at home.

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The article explains The Aims of Hypnosis, The Stages of Hypnosis, How Hypnosis Works, and Why Hypnosis works.

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‘I have been practising your techniques and listening to your CD's and feel a lot calmer. When I think of things I am definitely a lot more in control. I think I have enough now to be able to make my presentation’.

‘Brian creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere. It's a lovely way to de-stress!’

'I am much more relaxed and able to cope with stressful situations to calm and control myself very quickly with the techniques you showed me.'

'I have found that the techniques used in the sessions have helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life. I have been taught how to use very effective relaxation techniques. Many thanks!'

'It was very helpful to talk through my issues and put them into context. I was grateful for the techniques taught during the sessions; they helped me to defer my unhelpful and obsessive worrying'.

'You taught me some very useful and effective coping techniques and the relaxation and hypnotherapy discs were extremely helpful tools'.