'The Anger Management Programme' Personal Coaching

I developed and designed the Anger Management Coaching Programme and I have been using it very successfully with clients for over a decade.

'The Anger Management Programme' is for those with an explosive reaction in some circumstances who may also be experiencing the stress of unresolved hurt and anger.

The programme enables participants to:-

  • Resist reacting angrily to their anger, frustration and hurt triggers.
  • Be better able to discuss things calmly and handle 'wind ups.'
  • Release anger safely without hurting self or others.
  • Be less stressed and feel angry and frustrated less often.

The Anger Management Coaching Programme consists of four one hour sessions. The course fee includes a copy of the book and an audio version of the programme, called 'Get a Grip on Your Anger in Seven Easy Steps', as a download or cd. 

The course fee also includes other free audio downloads, including my 'Deep Relaxation, Self Calming & Sleep' album.

The four sessions are spaced out over eight weeks to allow time for practice and to get coaching on any difficulties experienced in consistently applying what's learned.

Safe anger release is an essential part of successful anger management and the programme teaches ten of the most effective safe anger release techniques.


audio get a grip on anger cd